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tv   News 7 at 11  CBS  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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with of our citizens, tips and information we would not have been able to bring nicole home to her family." now on wdbj7, the search for a missing blacksburg teen is over as her family and a community mourn her death tonight. we'll have the details in a live report. and what gun control advocates have to say about new selling rules sweeping across social media. plus the latest from the campaign trail in iowa. the warmest air we have seen all month arrives tomorrow. how long it will last in the first alert forecast. good evening, i'm nadia singh. we begin with breaking news tonight. nicole lovell, the 13-year-old who went missing earlier this
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found dead. blacksburg police chief anthony wilson held a press conference less than 2 hours ago saying her remains were found in north carolina this afternoon. this man, david eisenhauer, was arrested and charged with first degree murder in connection to the death. lovell's body is being transported to virginia for examination and an autopsy by the medical examiner. wilson says this investigation is far from over and thanks the community for their support. chief anthony wilson, blacksburg police "the speed at which this investigation moved today has been nothing less than incredible. we owe of support and tips from the blacksburg, christiansburg and montgomery county communities. withou tthe help of our information we would not have been able to bring nicole home to her family." the investigation was a joint effort involving many agencies including blacksburg police, virginia state police, north carolina state police and the charlotte police department. the news of lovell's death spread just moments before a
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blacksburg was to be held for her tonight that's where we find wdbj7's christian heilman. nadia, a very emotional scene here tonight in the lantern ridge area of blacksburg, the last place lovell was seen alive. we just heard from the blacksburg police chief describing the rapid investigation, she had been missing for more than three days before police found her body this afternoon. tonight, her family and the community are in mourning. it's the vigil no one wanted to attend. mike honaker, pastor, river of life church "she's not alive." pastor mike honaker shared the news with the dozens who gathered to pray for nicole's safe return. mike honaker, pastor, river of life church "let's really just draw all of our attention to praying for this family. " instead, they were forced to pray for peace and understanding for the family -- and a community who lost so much. sarah bradbury, knew nicole "i didn't think that would happen to her becuase she was always the cutest little thing, you know? "
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organized vigil "it was really just a sickening feeling knowing that she wouldn't be coming back. " mike honaker, pastor, river of life church "you know we can't begin to imagine what heaven looks like. we can't begin to imagine right now what nicole is seeing. " disbelief spread as quickly as the news. the last pieces of hope faded away as the reality of nicole's death set in. rebecca lemon, organized vigil "but to be a mother, myself and to know that this could've very easily been one of my children. it really it really hits home." mike honaker, pastor, river of life church "we want to pray because that's what we came to do, right?" staying united saturday night -- for nicole's family -- and each other. mike honaker, church "we pray right now for nicole's entire family that they would feel the warmth of your embrace, the power of your presence." sarah bradbury " it's just crazy how that to her. " perhaps the largest question in the crowd why this had to happen to a 13 year mike honaker,
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" and god, we trust you tonight, even when we don't understand. " there are still many questions -- including how lovell and her alleged killer -- david eisenhauer met. police are still working on the timeline of events. if you have any information about lovell or eisenhauer call police. live in blacksburg, chrsitian heilman, you christian of course thoughts and prayers go out to the family now was a pleasant day outside today if you had anything outdoors beautiful blue skies greeted us this afternoon and that will be the case once again sunday was gorgeous with afternoon highs reaching the lower to middle fifties across the board warmest spot was danville with a high of fifty six degrees fifty one was her height in roanoke high-pressure systems still in control across the southeast so that 56 51 was right in roanoke high-pressure systems still in control across the southeast so that means our winds are coming round the south as well.
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temperatures to our area come tomorrow afternoon check out where texas and oklahoma stands there in the middle sixties right now and that is the air that'll move into our area tomorrow daytime highs will top out in the upper fifties to near sixty degrees under mostly sunny skies another perfect day for some hiking and also the snow will begin to melt them as he handled the day tomorrow typically within average high of forty six degrees this month and tomorrow the last saved january will certainly work police say it started earlier today at a house on edgemont drive. there was thick smoke and flames when crews arrived but they were able to get it out in about 20 minutes. authorities say there's water and smoke damage. the american red cross is helping the homeowner tonight. a follow up now on the inmates who escaped from a jail in california. orange county police say two inmates who were on the run from police the men were found inside a stolen van
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foods parking lot. the third escapee turned himself in yesterday at a local business. all three inmates escaped last week and police say the men posed a threat to the community. (officer grace gatpandan): "it was clear to us that they were armed and dangerous. when we conducted a search of the van we did find '380 rounds' inside. we are still looking for a weapon if they had one." officials say the men could have had some inside help. a teacher at the jail is accused of giving them maps to plan their escape. they're accused of murder, attempted murder, and torture. a follow-up tonight on a shooting outside of a roanoke k-mart. police say two men involved in the shooting outside the store on hershberger road have been served warrants. authorities say the argument started when one of the men got into an argument with a store employee it continued out in the parking lot when shots were fired. one suspect took off, and the other was later questioned by police at the scene. both men face firearms charges. facebook announced today that it's banning gun sales on its website
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statement, a facebook executive says licensed gun retailers will still be able to post their goods. but person to person sales are no longer allowed. it's a move gun control advocates say is long overdue. shannon watts/moms demand action for guns in america: "in this case, clearly by saying they will not sanction the sale of guns without any kind of background check through private transactions of their social media platforms, they're truly setting a precedent that we hope other businesses will follow as well." the company says it has systems in place to detect private gun sales, and it will remove any content that violates the new policy. copy charlottesville police are investigating after a person was hit by a train this morning. police say the man appeared to have been struck by a set of stairs attached to the train. witnesses say the victim and a group of people were walking down the train tracks earlier. once the others saw the train coming, they left, but told police the victim couldn't get his legs away from the train
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hospital tonight. no word if alcohol or drugs played a role in the accident. state police are continuing the search for a suspect who ran from a trooper during a traffic stop in alleghany county. it happened just after midnight. authorities say a blue toyota was stopped on the side of the road. when a trooper stopped to check the vehicle, the driver, andrew arnold, made an illegal u- turn and sped off. the car crashed during a pursuit and the driver ran away. police say arnold is wanted on charges in west virginia. the case is under investigation. the mayor of flint, michigan says 26 homes in that city have water lead levels that are so high they can't be properly filtered. officials say for some families, lead readings are too high to be addressed by filters distributed by the state. city leaders are urging residents to get their water tested as quickly as possible. the problems began when flint switched its water source from the great lakes to the flint river.
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least 100 children have tests positive for toxic lead. health officials say they will continue to test and treat the water but say it could be months before it's safe to drink. tomorrow night is the deadline to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. the obama administration says the deadline is 2-59 eastern time monday for the 38 states using the healthcare-dot-gov website. you can also enroll over the phone if you still need coverage. fines are going up for people who are uninsured in 20-16. the minimum penalty is 695 dollars for someone uninsured for the whole year. we are two days away from the iowa caucuses and a new poll is out showing donald trump in the lead on the gop side and democrat hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck. craig boswell was on the campaign trail today and has the latest. republican presidential candidate donald trump is on top (gfx) in the des moines register's final poll
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caucuses. he has a five point lead over ted cruz and a 13 point lead on marco rubio. (sot: donald trump/(r) presidential candidate)[duration :0:05] nearly half of all people polled called themselves evangelical christians. saturday night- trump campaigned with reverend jerry falwell, jr. (sot: rev. jerry falwell, jr./president, liberty university)[duration :0:07] early january - but has been under constant attack from trump (sot: sen. marco rubio/(r-fl) presidential candidate)[duration :0:08] clinton is hanging small lead bernie poll's margin of error. (sot: sen. bernie sanders/(i- vt) candidate) 72302 when we we were three percent in the national iowa it is a clinton is in damage control after the
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would not release 37 pages of emails . from her personal server that are now classified top secret. (sot: hillary clinton/(d) presidential that's the gist of a letter sent to key congressional leaders about the investigation into retired 4-star general david petraeus last year, petraeus admitted to giving his biographer and lover, paula broadwell, notebooks containing highly classified information. he intially lied about it to the fbi. pentagon officials sent a 3 sentence letter to the leaders of the senate armed services committee saying the matter was closed after an army review. talks of demotion and a reduction of his penion were considered but lawmakers on both sides came to the general's defense, saying he'd already paid for what he did. the daughter of former vice president dick cheney is looking to follow in her dad's footsteps. she's running for his
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liz cheney filed her paperwork yesterday to run for the only wyoming. cheney ran for senate on the republican ticket just two years ago. she later dropped out, blaming serious family. dick cheney held the wyoming congressional seat the republican ditched plans to require a statement of affiliation or loyalty pledge in the upcoming presidential primary. organizers voted to rescind a plan requiring participants in the march 1-st primary to sign a statement saying "i am a republican." the oath was recently criticized by gop presidential candidate donald trump and others say it could alienate first-time and independent voters a federal judge and appeals court denied an attempt by trump supporters to block the oath. we have a traffic alert for you tonight. the east and westbound lanes of interstate 64 in rockbridge county will be closed tomorrow. the interstate will be closed between exit
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the junction of that stretch of scheduled to close tommorrow from 6- detours will be in place to guide you. we are your hometown news leader, wdbj7. coming up, we'll tell you about a group raising food donations for people in our area. and a woman in one hometown has a milestone worth celebrating. plus, there are more than 800 job region.
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to fill those spots. trafficking in virginia. january is human trafficking awareness month. today, volunteers held their fourth annual 'justice experience' event as part of the "blue campaign" to end human trafficking. hundreds of people learned about what human trafficking is and how they can help save a victim. "i need people to understand that we still have victims out there that we haven't been able to find so if we can show people what to look for and the signs and where to
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line, call a hotline. say what you see" currently working on building a shelter it's an eight bed shelter for girls that roanoke area. more information can be found on our website the local office on senior's food drive kicks off monday. some drop-off locations started collecting canned food in december. volunteers will collect and distribute the food to thousands of seniors in the roanoke valley and alleghany highlands. doris johnson of roanoke receives meal on wheels and qualifies for the soup for seniors. she says the program is a big help especially since she's not always able to get out the house. doris johnson meals on wheels recipient"it's helped me quite a bit. i have back trouble. it's just me and my doggy here and i appreciate all the meals they bring, they're very good. the help is wonderful" l-o-a is still in need of volunteers. if you'd like to help,
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information. a bassett woman is celebrating her 102nd birthday today! nelly hundley enjoyed cake and punch during a gathering with friends and family today at the stanleytown health & rehab center . a lot of people showed up to help her celebrate a long life. the years have given hundley time to think, and she has a mesage about how people should treat each other. nelly hundley/ celebrating 102nd birthday: "i've always tried to treat everybody like i should because its no fun to be mad and fuss with everybody. i'd rather have friendship than to be their enemy." some students were busy on radford's campus today as part of the virginia thespian festival. the event featured workshops to help students learn more about everything
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teachers came from as far as california to help students break out of their shells. destiny martinez/student thespian officer: " it allows you to get out there and meet new people and learn new things, um just so you're not in your school's little bubble. because once you do leave high school in college you're going to be out there in the open." organizers say the annual event is in it's 30-th year and they continue to see it grow. january ends very warm in the first alert forecast. meteorologist lindsey anderson says some hometowns could see the 60s tomorrow afternoon.
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right after this break end to the lawn temperatures approaching sixty degrees tomorrow afternoon but it is fairly chilly outside right now thirty six degrees of the road of blacksburg regional airport dupuy and the middle twenties along with a calm winds luckily temperatures rebound quickly tomorrow and thirty one degrees were now blacksburg forty seven 36 at the rd., blacksburg regional airport dupuy and the middle 20s along with a calm winds. luckily temperatures rebound quickly tomorrow and 31 for now blacksburg 47 in bloomfield across the higher elevations likely more months thirty degrees in danville and thirty seven rainout which burke areas across lynchburg area is across the ohio river valley chisholm tennessee river valley and downs of the south east are seeing much
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they had yesterday we're certainly not positive trends well four degrees warmer at this time tonight compared to last line am not the case no early this morning was chilly the weak hearted beautiful sunrise sharing for this photo when in southwest roanoke to some gorgeous picture with the stunning colors over a little top of the lower middle thirties most of us here that freezing mark under chilly but we can't beautiful sunrise sharon for this photo when in southwest roanoke gorgeous picture with the stunning colors over a little. in the lower middle 30s. most of us here that freezing mark under mostly clear skies and we premiere check out your highs the top fifty five degrees tomorrow blacksburg fifty nine martinsville sixteen lynchburg fifty six in lexington this'll certainly help with the snow melts with all the sunshine the last time that we had a sixty degree day with december twenty ninth so over a month ago we are high of sixty six degrees and on average we hi have a high of forty six we're about fifteen degrees above normal the resulting slow high-pressure system that
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in this race is wholly illill befell the fatherly warmth into the mid-atlantic so we get to tap into that heat but outlast a lot of activity is ring impact our next form system will strengthen and pushed the east impacting us on monday, tuesday and wednesday first monday of their young week system roof group in the form of a cold front to some spotty showers possible monday morning and monday afternoon along with the cloud cover but tuesday night and wednesday is when we have to deal with this front luckily temperatures will be warm enough to support legal rain and the seven day planner through bring those passing showers on monday groundhog day looks cloudy with those rain showers arriving late in the date asian eyes still in the low fifties we reach of fifty nine degrees on wednesday with rain likely but that behind cold front slightly reasonable for the beginning of february 45 the higher on thursday with mostly "gilmore girls." the popular show ran from 2000 until 2007. netflix announced
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lauren graham and alexis bledel will return as mother and daughter. it says most of the other main characters will be returning as well. the premiere date and new title for the show is still in the works. coming-up in sports, uva's men's basketball team wins their 4th-straight, with a convincing victory over 16th- ranked louisville, plus roanoke college goes down to the wire with virginia wesleyan. but before we get to that, let's check-out our extra point. this warmer weather calls for some spring sports, and the third round of the farmer insurance open at torrey pines. check-out jason gore. his second shot on the par 5 18th hole. the shot looks good, onto the green and rolling into the cup. that's a double eagle. or an gore is 4-under in
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the lead. everyone, i'm karen loftus with your look at sports. uva's men's basketball team picked-up their first acc road win of the season on tuesday, looking to get another saturday afternoon at louisville. tony bennett's 11th- ranked cavaliers riding a 3-game win-streak into the match-up against the 16th-ranked cardinals. virginia up 10 to 5 in the first half, when london perrantes pulls-up for 3. he finished with 9 points, 5 assists. later first, uva working both sides of
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leads to a malcolm brogdon lay-up on the other end. brogdon led all scorers with 13, as the cavs push their lead to double digits. second half, devon hall with the miss, but anthony gill is there to slam it home. he also had 13, and added 6 rebounds. virginia up 20 late in the game and leaving no doubt in this one. mike tobey with the dunk, as virginia wins it 63-47. tony bennett, uva men's basketball head coach, "i told them before the game and i thought it was important. i said, you can do this. i said, now will you? i don't know. but you can and you have in the past played a team like this in this kind of setting and performed and been right. i said, but will you? i said you've got to know first you can. i said don't ever forget that. and they did. that's what they did in the first half and i said at halftime, ok you did it for 20. will you try to do it again. you're capable." in division 3 hoops, roanoke college hosting virginia wesleyan in a battle for first place in the odac. both teams at 7 and 2 in conference play. this one tight down to the wire, as carter wright cuts the wesleyan lead to four late in the 2nd half.
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again. he finishes with 10 points, as the maroons are now within 2. roanoke continuing to attack the basket. cameron smith with 10 on the day as well. the marlins with a 6-point lead with about a minute to play, but roanoke ties things up at 72 after joey miller gets the 3-point play. wesleyan though is fouled with 4 seconds to go. they go one-for-two at the line. so the maroons with the chance to win it, down one. contact is made at mid-court, but no foul is called. roanoke falls in a tough one, 73-72. women's basketball, the radford ladies point loss to high point on tueseday. trying to snap a 2- game skid, as they host unc-asheville, who sits tied atop the big south standings with liberty. inspired early. janayla white with the post. then it's aisha foy cutting- through the lane. the bucket and the foul. the highlanders building a lead in the first quarter. from white on one end, and then she jayda worthy for the end.
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early-going, but unc asheville comes- back to win it 54-46. big news in the as 7th-seeded angelique kerber defeated top-seeded serena williams in the australian open women's final early this morning, claiming her first major title. kerber took-down the defending champion 6-4, 3-6, 6-4 in a 2- hour match, becoming just the second german woman to win a grand slam title in the open era. williams uncharacteristically had 46 unforced errors and just six aces against the 28- year-old lefty. we are continuing to countdown to super bowl 50, which is a week from tomorrow, here on wdbj7, as we countdown, we're getting some of our high school football stars in the area to help us in the effort. -. tonight it's marquise morgan, a senior from appomattox county high school, as we are now just 8 days away from the superbowl. morgan helped lead the radiers to a perfect 15 and oh season, capped-off by a convincing 42 to 6 win over clarke county in the 2a state championship
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super bowl 50 will be right here on wdbj7 at 6:30 next sunday, and the panthers take-on the
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if you're a croissant lover, you'll want to hear this. today is national croissant day! the modern version of the buttery, crescent-shaped roll is said to have bakery back in 19- 39. it's creator wasn't french though--he was an austrian military officer who wanted to bring viennese cuisine to
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